Laura Mankikar

An East Bay Area Artist working to bring the sensory world back into focus and

helping others to feel for the variation of nature as revealed in their surroundings.


She grew up in the East Bay, absorbing the landscape, observing the green or beige hills, the bay with its constantly changing moods,

and the far mountains in the rainy season and the sunny season. She translates these experiences into paintings using acrylic ink underpaintings with pastel, acrylic and mixed media.

She studied with local artists at UC Extension and Merritt College. She has taught classes locally and participated in local shows with the LAA and the Point Arts Guild.



Joshua Tree 2005   Albany Bay 2004 San Pablo Dam 2005t

Desert Whales 2005   Bay Tree 2005       Bay Meadows 2005

Lafayette Res 2006Phoenix Gold 2005 Desert Plants 2006